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S330 – Landscaping Contractor

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(a) grading and preparing land for architectural, horticultural, or decorative
(b) arrangement, and planting of gardens, lawns, shrubs, vines, bushes, trees, or
other decorative vegetation;
(c) construction of small decorative pools, tanks, fountains, hothouses,
greenhouses, fences, walks, garden lighting of 50 volts or less, or sprinkler systems;
(d) construction of retaining walls except retaining walls which are intended to
hold vehicles, structures, equipment or other non natural fill materials within the area
located within a 45 degree angle from the base of the retaining wall to the level of
where the additional weight bearing vehicles, structures, equipment or other non natural
fill materials are located; or
(e) patio areas except that:
(i) no decking designed to support humans or structures shall be included; and
(ii) no concrete work designed to support structures to be placed upon the patio
shall be included.
(f) This classification does not include running electrical or gas lines to any


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